Bioinformatics Tools

NCBI BLAST :  compare nucleotide or protein sequences to sequence databases 

Enzyme Function Initiative (EFI)- similarity network : analyze relationships among sequences in protein (super)families for functional discovery and annotation

Protparam: compute physical and chemical parameters of proteins of interest 

HHPred : Homology detection & structure prediction, creating homology models 

NRPS/PKS predictor 

Metaquery: determine abundance of genes/functions/taxa of interest in human gut metagenomes


Chemistry Tools

Not Voodoo : protocols and instructions for synthetic chemistry

Spectral database : searchable database of spectral information for organic compounds

Structure determination using NMR : comprehensive guide to determining structures from NMR data

Chemical SOPs: Sarpong lab (UC Berkeley) procedures for hazardous chemicals


Microbial Resources

ATCC, DSMZ, E. coli genetic stock center: cells and microorganisms purchasing and culturing protocols



SMBP: secondary metabolite bioinformatics portal

Pharmacomicrobiomics: catalog of drug-microbiome interactions

Reference resolver: directs you to article sites

HMDB: database on small molecules found in human body

KEGG: integrates genomic, chemical and systemic functional information